The township of Nessal is located a days journey to the east of Marrek, in a fertile region known for it’s agricultural practices, and wineries.

The Economy of Nessal is heavily reliant on it’s agricultural exports and tourism. Wealthy People travel from far around to sample the exquisite drink and be pampered at the Luxurious Honey Oats tavern.

The populous of Nessal is made up of a diverse collection of races who run the local farms and vineyards. Aside from farm-workers there is a moderate sized military garrison.

Price index
3x market price

Stores of note
Honey Oats
Note: there are no weapon, armor or magic stores in Nessal.

Persons of note
Gen Brannigan head of the Military at Nessal
Kip a bumbling Military private.
Pierre Manager of the Honey Oats Tavern
Father Ruthford Father of the local St. Cuthburt congregation.
Lady Rain Of the Commune of Obad-Hai

Organizations present in Nessal
Commune of Obad-Hai
Church of St. Cuthburt
Thieves Guild


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