Marrek is a port town a days journey west of Nessal. It is a center of commerce for the city of Bremont. It is mainly known for two things, it’s hot springs which draw wealthy patrons from all around the world. and, its churches, several religions have set up monasteries and out posts in Marrek as it is a convenient port of travel for pilgrimages.

The economic might of Marrek is held by a select few nobles whom hire cheap peasant labor to increase their own profits. The subject of unfair work practices and ethics is often brought up when one talks about the economy of Marrek.

Price index
At market price

Stores of note
Magic, Meerkats, and Munchies Operated by the Mage Greenman
Sixth Scents High end perfumery.

Persons of Note
Greenman Owner of Magic, Meerkats, and Munchies and high ranking member of The Circle of Evocation

City Layout
The city is set in layers starting furthest from the ocean there is:

The Noble’s Mansions: High end retail shopping, Resort Taverns, Noble’s Houses.
Merchants District: weapon, armor and magic shops, Open air market.
Peasants quarters: Housing for Peasents, Low end taverns.
Relgeion ally: A long street where Churches and other organizations as situated.
The Port: Self explanatory

Organizations in Marrek
Church of Pelor
Commune of Obad-Hai
Druid Enclave
Order of the Staff
Thieves Guild
Church of St. Cuthburt


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