The No Longer Evil Ring



Silver ring provides damage reduction 1/- but all attacks in range have a 20% chance of targeting the wearer of this ring instead, including the wearer’s own attacks.

- No longer cursed. Only provides DR 1/-. (see Backstory second paragraph)


After searching through an abandoned mansion for something valuable to steal, Jasper ran into ghosts and other undead spirits from which he fled. On his way out he spotted something shiny on a table. He grabbed the ring and ran out of the mansion.
After learning from the druids, namely the Arch Druid, that the curse can be removed with a special mineral found in a nearby cave, the party set out to obtain some. Before leaving, the Obad-hi druid expressed her wish that none of the creatures residing in the cave be harmed. Upon arrival, the adventurers were confronted with very large insects. 2 wasps guarding the outside, 6 giant ants and 1 even larger ant inside the cave. After a futile attempt by Jasper and Camile to sneak into the cave, the party was forced to slay all of the insects residing therein. A brief look around revealed a deposit of the mineral they sought. They found the mineral to be deceptively heavy. The party grabbed as much as they could and traveled back to the druid enclave. Jasper and Camile spoke to the Arch Druid again and gave him the minerals needed. He refined the mineral down to a fine powder and placed it upon the ring, removing the curse completely and leaving the good magic upon it. The group decided to give the rest of the mineral to the druid and he was very pleased with that.

The No Longer Evil Ring

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