Friends and Foes

PARTY LIKE ITS ... When am I?

This group of archers are punks I tell you … PUNKS! “Hey! You guys got room for one more”
“Sir we’re in the finals of the tournament” responds the Elf in charge of the tournament.
“Well … erm … I’ve got winner.” I said and awaited the end of the tournament. The final archer took his last shot, a bullseye, and the crowd erupted with applause. I casually walked up to the spot where he had just claimed victory and casually threw my battle Axe splitting his arrow in half. The whole crowd went silent as I retrieved my lucky Axe from the target, all of the competitors stared in shock as I walked away with all of their winnings.

As my newfound group of friends and I made our way into what appeared to be an old windmill I couldn’t contain the feeling that the party was about to go down, and boy did it go down I took the two military boys with me over to the bar and bought a round with my archery winnings. DAMN!!! That shit will fuck you up, one shot nearly put me out of commission. I was living it up when I saw her. I took one look at her and knew what I had to do. “If you take another shot you will die!!!” said the cleric, a warning I blatantly ignored as I poured two shots of the wicked Brandy that had almost destroyed me, one for myself and one for the most beautiful Elven woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. We toasted … I dont remember what we toasted to

CC Owns the Day!

So there I was, well not just me, standing at the face of a deep dark cave. Friends around me wondering what could possibly be in this cave. No sound can be heard however, something did feel odd about this cave.

It is the only thing that could be housing the so called “beasts” that have been driving the small critters to invade the crops. There must be something in here!

Camile casts light
WAIT!!” screams the warrior Sirus.

Of course, you know what happens next, “GRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLLL” and out pops a black bear….

“I hate surprises,” I think to myself as I prepare my mind mentally to bring the divine and arcane spells to the surface of my mind. May the power of Pelor guide my hand to see my friends and I safely through this and if it should be let the grace of his power flow through my veins to heal my friends. The Divine is not the only source of power that can help me through this, Arcane magic is also a weapon of my arsenal that has proven useful many times over.

Well the whole clashing of steel, ringing of shields, yelling, and screaming come next but that is not what concerns me. What is the first spell that comes to mind? SLEEP!!!

Lets put these beasts to the test to see if they can over come my god and the power of my SLEEP spell. “Oh Pelor, these wolves and this bear seem to be causing quite a bit of unnecessary damage to my friends. May I ask for the power to put them to sleep so that we may help them into your grace?”

CRRASHHHH A bear and a wolf fall down asleep…

“Thank you my lord for your help and may my faith never waiver!”

Camile and Jasper go to work quickly with Sirus quickly behind. There was still a wolf up and fighting however, that was the least of our problems. Across the river bank about 40 yards away from us, 4 more wolves had appeared and were about to cross the stream.

Now it was time for some good old ingenuity! Time to show off the Arcane side of things. Color Spray is definitely one of those spells you can not miss. However, I can not get close to these wolves because they might have all sorts of diseases and while I could ask Pelor to lend me the strength to heal these diseases, I do not think it wise to ask all the time. This is where my Lizard, Horace, would come in handy! So I drop Horace into the grass in between me and the wolves with the intent that if 2 of the wolves were to come in range I would let loose my Color Spray.

I stuff my hand into my spell component pouch and prepare the incantation that must be spoken to make sure color spray has its full effect.
Brilliant, Rainbow like colors spring from Horace in the direction of 2 wolves that are very close to Camile.

So, those 2 poor puppies were hit straight on by the brilliant colors. They were blind, stunned and unconscious for a long while because of it. So in conclusion, Color Spray is a bad ass spell!

The rest of the fight was pretty irrelevant.

I stood just an inch taller that day.

A Tough Decision

“A paladin…why’d we have to take a paladin? If there’s any kind of person who could mess this up for us, it’s a paladin.” Jasper complained to his sister.
“It’s alright, he’ll make us less conspicuous,” Camile said in her usual calm, smooth voice. “Besides,” she continued, “another meat shield can’t hurt. Can it?”
Jasper sighed, “I hope not…by the way, you see that orc?” Camile nodded.
“Lookie!” Jasper handed his sister the very well crafted handaxe he lifted off the barbarian.

That evening…

“Is…is the paladin…drunk?!” The utterly confused look on Jasper’s face took Camile by suprise.
“Yes, brother. I believe he is,” she replied in a smug tone.
“Dammit…you win…” Jasper hands his sister a gold coin.

The following morning…

“Arrgh! My head,” the paladin laid his face in his hands in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pain.
“A little sore there buddy?” Jasper arrogantly patted the paladin on the back, making him cringe with each tap.
The paladin sighed heavily, “Yeah…”
“Don’t worry! It gets easier each time!” Jasper pat him a little harder one last time and walked off to his sister. “Classic…” he laughed quietly.

That evening…

“NO! I won’t allow stealing!” The paladin was resolute in his position on the proposed plan.
“Dammit…I knew it…” Jasper mumbled to himself.
“It’s alright! We’ll tell Brannigan, we’ll have the law on our side! You don’t even have to come!” Damon protested.

“Some meat shield…” Jasper said to his sister, “what good’s a shield that stays out of the action?”
“I…um…I don’t know…” Camile handed the coin back to her brother. “You win, for now, but that coin’s gonna be mine. Anyone can be used if you have the right tools.” Jasper gagged and looked away as she adjusted her upper lady parts.

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