Friends and Foes

The Solution to the Problem

Camile stood on the edge of the ledge peering down at the darkness below. Just minutes earlier the last of her companions, save for Cyrus, descended into the abyss, completely unaware of where it would take them. She thought they were counting too much on chance. Just because one unexplained darkness took you to another location safely does not mean that they all will. They were such idiots. She looked towards the other end of the pit. She could see a door floating in the middle of the wall, yet there was no clear way to get to it, but she had a plan.

She turned to Cyrus, who was still staring into the abyss. He had dropped a pebble off the ledge a few moments earlier and was waiting expectantly to hear it reach the bottom. After a few minutes with no sign from the pebble he decided to try it again, this time with a larger pebble.

“So easily amused. At least he wasn’t daft enough to throw himself into the unknown like the rest of them,” she thought. She was slightly pleased that the rest of the group had jumped. This way they wouldn’t bug her to get them across too. She wasn’t going to be able to get everyone across, and didn’t want to hear anyone complain about it. A hippogriff could hold about 300 pounds and make it to the door safely, no more than that. Luckily, Camile and Cyrus would have no problem getting across. If it was anyone else she most likely would have convinced them to jump, had a good laugh and then left the place by herself. Cyrus was ok though, for now at least. He could still end up to be a douche bag. But for now he was on her good side.

“Ready to leave?” Camile asked nonchalantly.

“What do you mean? I’m not jumping down if that’s what you’re thinking!” Cyrus retorted. He had opened his mouth as if to say something else, but found himself at a loss for words as a hippogriff appeared before his eyes.

“Hop on.” She commanded. Cyrus stood dazed for a few seconds, but when Camile repeated herself with a hint of annoyance in her tone, he jumped on the back of the animal and rode it to the other side of the pit with Camile. When they reached the door, Camile opened it with ease and they both made their way through it only to find themselves at the entrance to the shrine. Camile was happy, but noticed a hint of worry over Cyrus’s face.

“Don’t worry. We will wait here for them. I’m sure they will make it out any time now,” she lied. She had no clue whether any of the others would make it out, but she thought she would amuse him and offer to wait. She could care less about the majority of them. She might miss the cleric and that sorcerer, but didn’t think it would be that terrible to ditch the rest. Camile had just begun to relax, when a sudden commotion was heard from the entrance to the shrine followed by someone crying about a lost spellbook.

“Sucker,” she said slightly amused under her breath.


“I always pictured us flying off into the sun set on a griffin….. Flying over a dark abyss with our friends most likely falling to their doom will have to do.” ~Cyrus

The Solution to the Problem

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