Friends and Foes

The black hole

I can not leave my friends to their doom in that deep chasm. The black hole did not look promising yet if I lower myself down maybe it will be ok. “I am going to go follow the others into the pit, try to get out of here if you can get across and if we do not follow shortly leave for town.”

Hammering the piton into the stone floor was easy, this stone was soft yet it held the piton well enough to know that it would not waiver when Daemon was to climb down. His father had taught him much about rock and stone work before he had started to train in the monastery. His brother always badgered him about the different types of stone that would be good for things. Next was the knot that needed to be tied to hold his weight so he could climb down the rope. This Daemon had picked up while in the military. Many a night of setting up trip wires so that the camp would be notified if any intruders were approaching under cover of darkness. However, towards the end of his military career the mighty “Alarm” spell had been used instead of trip wires so he was thankful he had learned when he did.

Now came the hard part. The climb down could be treacherous if Daemon was to slip off the rope. Dried blood smeared Daemons hands, obvious perspiration was washing over his brow, and the weariness was starting to over come his physical abilities yet he needed to help the others. Slowly Daemon lowered himself down the rope and towards the black pit that ate his friends.

The climb down was not as hard as he would have thought under the same situations, Pelor was definitely keeping a close eye on him. Stopping just above the black void, which his sight could not penetrate, Daemon took a deep breath and built up his courage to continue into this climb.

Daemon lowered himself down into the blackness that was the unknown, whispering a quite prayer to Pelor for forgiveness and protection. Forgiveness because he did not have the strength to carry the group over to the other side of the great chasm and he must see to the others that had fallen or jumped into the hole.

Falling was definitely not a sensation that Daemon was expecting to experience, yet that tingly feeling washed over him. Screaming was a natural reaction to such a fall so the deep rumble of Daemon’s voice echoed for a time unknown to him. Until he hit the ground with a loud THUD!!!!

When Daemon woke from the fall he stood wearily and saw his friends, some standing and some laying on the ground around him. Eric was badly injured, which was obviously apparent from the blood that coated his body. Crewed bandages were wrapped around him, which could have been better, “I will need to teach you people proper ways of bandaging people sometime.” Taking a Bottle out of his pouch, Daemon poured the liquid into Eric’s mouth and suddenly the Wizard woke up and was breathing easily again.

Yet another soul saved… Thank Pelor!


I had no idea of your characters name spelling. Thought it was Daymond. Not Daemon which is often used as a way to say Demon.

The black hole

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