Friends and Foes

Bardic Music #1 - The Arrival of the Eight (sung to the tune of "brave sir robin" by Monty Python)

the peaceful village of loggan
has fallen under siege

terror fear and hopelessness
has taken place of ease

the townsfolk now are at a loss
so what is it they should do

but call upon the marric eight
they’re the greatest, it’s true
upon the eight’s arrival
to the village of loggan

quickly informed they were
of the dire situation

so what should the eight do
but do what they do best

to the tavern they went quickly
to drink with all the rest
the following day was met
with true investigative wit

to the site of one of the crimes
was decided so off they went

they arrived at the manor
that was old and decrepit

and inside what should they find
but of course a halfling with a quest
“I’m headed into the forest,
to pay homage to the shrine.”

“why not tag along with me
some company’d be divine.”

“we must head through the forest
’tis not too far indeed.”

“so if you’re coming along
get up and follow me.”
in the forest of loggan
now even the bravest fear to tread

and still the eight adventurers
carry on ahead

and though the odds against survival
are simply slim to none

the eight go on and on
despite all logic and reason
now the halfling led the eight
to a clearing of the woods

and though their skills were great
not discern their way, they could

but upon further inspection
a statue they did see

’twas a halfling bold and brave
hiding a trap door underneath
the eight entered the dungeon
with no clue what to expect

and quickly lost did they become
despite their foolish attempts

eventually they found a way
to proceed to a room

where mimics did kick their ass
and nearly did they meet their doom
they took a rest to catch their breath
before attempting escape

but what should they find in the next room
but a casm deep and great

and after a few futile attempts
at magical success

the barbarian did throw himself down
well, what did you expect
quickly the eight followed
the insightful lead of him

and all did pay the price
of severe bodily harm

but at least they were out
of that great room with the casm

or at least that was what they thought
they were back in it again
the eight finally made their way
out of that hellish place

and though their will was strong
the hardship they endured was great

so off it was decided by them
back to the town to rest

and all but the alcoholics
did collapse into their bed



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