Friends and Foes

stupid mutt....

Camile sat in her room at the barracks trying to comprehend the events that had taken place earlier in the day. She still didn’t understand what had all taken place. It all happened so fast. One minute they were searching for some brat’s lost dog, the next minute her brother was killed by a crazed genie, then they found the mutt’s smoldering remains in the Red Robes hall and Cyrus went crazy and tried to kill one of them (although that part was entertaining to watch, now that she looked back on it). What the hell was all that about? It all seemed a little too ridiculous to be reality. Everything would have been fine had they not gone looking for that stupid dog, but of course the group of do-gooders she and her brother were traveling with couldn’t seem to leave anything alone. Thanks to their escapades the group had already lost the paladin, the rich guy and now Jasper.

For a brief second she began to tear up, but quickly regained her composure. Even though there was nobody around to see her cry, she refused to let her emotions get the best of her. She couldn’t have anyone see her in such a weakened state. She was a lady after all, and such was not the way of a true lady. Not to mention a woman’s tears were often seen as an invitation for most men. That is the last thing she wanted, although Cyrus was turning out to be more charming than she originally thought him to be. Yet, the only man she ever felt she needed lay lifeless in the church of Pelor. Boy would Jasper get a kick out of that when he got resurrected. Well, if he were to get resurrected. He still had to win Pelor’s favor before he could come back. Hopefully he wouldn’t run his mouth and piss off the deity. Who knows what might happen to him then.

She sat up on the poor excuse for a bed Sergeant Kip had bestowed upon her. He claimed it was the best bed in the whole barracks, save for his own, which he immediately offered to her promising to carry to her quarters himself if she so wished. There were certain perks to being a lady, especially if you knew how to play your cards right. Kip was a good boy, exactly the type she preferred to handle. But even his ridiculous attempts at pleasing her were less than satisfying with the pressing thought of her brother’s passing. At least she got her own room, even if the décor was a bit too… rustic for her taste. Surprisingly she was just grateful she had a place to sleep where she wouldn’t be bothered for the rest of the evening. CRASH

Just then she heard a loud crash in the hall, followed by someone pounding on her door. She had just gotten up to answer it, when the door burst open. Cyrus stood in the doorway cradling a jug of what Camile presumed to be some sort of alcohol. In a poor attempt to hide both his drunkenness and his obvious attraction to her, he swaggered over to her and held out his hand. He had planned to sweep her off her feet and comfort her in her time of need, and he always found the best remedy for any situation was alcohol. Yet Cyrus knew that this one was different than most of the ladies he was used to encountering and it would require a little more class to impress her. So, speaking in his best Elven he spoke to her. It had been a while, and he wasn’t the best at speaking foreign languages when he was inebriated, but he was feeling rather confident he would be able to pull it off. He didn’t know if it was the alcohol or his awesomeness fueling his confidence, but either way he was gonna take the shot.

“Come nao Camile,” he slurred, “the …hic… night iz a baby annn we drinkinggg it… away.”

“I thought I told you the other night in the spa, your Dwarven is terrible,” She stated, slightly amused at his efforts. She thought it strange how despite his drunken state she found him somewhat … she couldn’t quite find the word for it.

“What do you mean? That was Elven,” He protested in common. He was sure he had spoke Elven. She was completely mad… and completely hot, he thought.

“Dear Cyrus,” she said placing her delicate hand on his cheek, “Do you even know Elven?”
Cyrus paused for a second and thought. After a few moments he gave her a blank stare and said confused, “I don’t know! I thought I did, I was sure I did… damnit!”

Before he could analyze situation he had gotten himself into, and without thinking Camile spoke, “Yes, I would love to have a drink with you.”



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