Friends and Foes



What a weird word and yet, such a new and different kind of power is intriguing. The young red robed boy from this lumber town has such untold powers. Never, in all the books that I have read, has there ever been mention of this Psionics.

My teacher of the arcane arts, Athelwin, never told me of such power. This is troubling. The power that I saw coming from the guard captain was glorious, however I could not feel from where the power was coming from. Neither the Divine or the Arcane knowledge that I posses could define this Psionic magic. I can guarantee that Athelwin would have alerted me of such powers if he had known of them.

What troubles me is that with this power I can pretty much know that we got lucky with this guard captain. He would have destroyed us for sure if we had not worked together so well as a team. There must be more information that is available about psionics and we must find it. Greenman might know of such things…

All I know is that this power could be used against us and the rest of this land if used by the wrong person.

We must find an effective way to counteract this!

I will be spending much time in quite prayer to see if Pelor can shed any light on this matter.

Daemon Stonehearth



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