Friends and Foes

Jasper's Journal #2

So we have another great quest with which we can waste our time! A dog is missing…yes, a dog. As usual, we have taken it upon ourselves to scour the city and consult every individual who looks in our direction. We’re surely going to garner ourselves reputations. People are going to think we’re paladins…Especially after doing work for the church of St. Cuthbert and not even getting paid for it. Those cheap bastards. There should be a word for those kinds of people…three letters…starts with a j…oh well.
Not only all of that success, but we’ve managed to pick up another three misfits to replace the two we lost! Damn, this is just perfect! Now we’re an army sent out to search for a missing mutt.
The only really good things that came out of today is that orcish rotgut (looking forward to making that fortitude save) and that treasure we found on that island.
We do so much work and we don’t even get credited with it! I’m not letting anyone go off on their own from now on…Someone needs to take the lead in dealing with our contacts. No more of this awkward shouting from 7 other people “have you seen a dog!?” “where’s the gold?” “I helped too!” Maybe Camille…or even Daemon, I suppose.
I want to get paid for my work…


LOL fantastic!

Jasper's Journal #2

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