Friends and Foes

Jasper's Journal #1

Fuckin’ awesome day!

Took care of Greeman’s shop, though he almost got himself killed sneaking up on us like that. He shouldn’t be so careless…I took care of that first assassin with a single, well placed thrust of my blades, the rest must’ve been pushovers since the rest of the group took care of them.

Druids are the most useful people in the world, I have to say; though they’re also the most sensitive…and…a little odd. Took care of the curse on my ring. I did have to fight my way through that army of ants…not a great idea…but we have had a barbarian so it all worked out.

Apparently…Kip…yeah…lieutenant now…that’s quality guardsmanship right there.

Damned peasants…sure they’re being “repressed” but who isn’t? Everyone’s got problems, I say just kill them (the problems that is…or the peasants, whatever pays better). Regardless, they’ll have less to cry about now that that bomb’s not being blamed on them, thanks, in no small part, to me.

That spa is amazing…that’s all that needs to be said…though, it could’ve gone better, if you know what i mean! (see below if you don’t)

Oh! Last, but certainly not least (in fact, probably most of all), Lost a paladin and gained a gorgeous redhead! She’s not just ordinarily gorgeous either, I’m talkin…drums play when she walks. I will miss that Barker though…somewhat.



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