Friends and Foes

Daemon's Prayer #4

Lord Pelor,

Hello, this is Daemon Stonehearth, you know that cleric that is always pestering you. Well, I have some news for you! Guess what!?! I have joined the legendary ranks of the Mystic Theurge! Bet you never would have thought that I would be able to accomplish this feat. So, not gonna lie, I am pretty bad ass! Haha, no but really, this is awsome!

Well, the real reason why I have come to you this fine evening is to ask your forgiveness. You see, a while back I had some sort of stomach disease and could not accompany my fellow do-gooders to help out the town of Marrek. Unfortunately, while I was umavailable we had a fatality.

Brinke Pilwicket was a fine gnome if I might say so myself. At times I felt just a little disconnected from her, get it a little… because she is a gnome and they are little… haha. ok that was a bad one, I know as a cleric I should not be making fun of other races and their minute issues. haha, minute. Well, she was definately out for herself and yet has helped the team grow to become what it is today. There was something about a snake too, but I dont care much for snakes… personal issues with them you see. I wonder if the snake was larger then her??? oh well.

Oh lord Pelor, If you could find it within you to grant her eternal rest and to embrace her as one of your loving followers to bask in your light, this I pray.

Thank you!

Your Neighborhood Cleric,

Daemon Stonehearth

P.S. If you could find out if that snake was larger then her that would be fantastic. Its just one small thing that I would like to know. hahaha, small thing get it??? or would their thing be normal size except on a smaller body… oh god, I went there… I appologize, I will say the lords prayer 100 times for penance.


Daemon is gonna have a shit ton of prayers by the time this campaign is over

Daemon's Prayer #4

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