Friends and Foes

Daemon's prayer #1

Lord Pelor,

It is your faithful servant and devout follower Daemon Stonehearth, again. You must be getting quite irritated listening to me all day… but I have something that I must ask. You see two of my friends and comrades, one of which is a follower of your teachings, have fallen in battle.

Lance was a noble paladin that was head strong and courageous till the end. I hear he got eaten by some pretty bad ass crabs, and no I was not there I was talking with the families of the local sailors that have been missing for 2 weeks. However, I digress. Lance helped save a city from a bomb! I witnessed it myself! Now he was pretty stubborn about things, more then a dwarf if that could even be possible. But his head was in the right place.

The other was Barker. Now this barbarian knew how to party like a rock star. Don’t ask what a rock star is, because I don’t even know. He just said it one time and it sounded cool. Maybe its a star that is on a rock? But that doesn’t seem very cool. Well, this barbarian was one of those guys that did not take shit from anyone. He entered a freaking archery tournament with his throwing axe and won! Can you believe it? His only downside was he smelled like shit… oh wait no, it was Muck. He smelled like Muck! I guess its a perfume they sell here in town. Well, he was eaten by the same crabs that ate Lance.

I ask you, oh lord Pelor, take them into your warm embrace and give them a place to go in the afterlife. They both deserve it! I know the paladin will accept it, however I’m not too sure about the barbarian. I wanted to put in a good word for him, you see.

Thank you Pelor!

Your neighborhood cleric,

Daemon Stonehearth

P.S. You might want to give the barbarian a bath, he still probably stinks to high heavens! get it?? haha high heavens…


lmao. puns…haha.
my only concern – you swore to your god! that’s gotta be some sort of blasphemy…

Daemon's prayer #1

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