Friends and Foes


“Cats … Why’d it have to be cats?”
“Calm down Houdini its just a bunch of house cats. I’m not even gonna have to waste a sp-AAAAHHHHHHHH!”
Eric can be so arrogant sometimes, I took a small bit of pleasure as he bragged about taking out cats and suddenly had his bootlaces clawed at by a small tabby cat. This was how the conversation between Eric, my necromancing partner in crime and myself Houdini, Eric’s ever present Draconic speaking Raven. We’d wandered for a long while after the “Accident” and subsequent “Schooling” from that Street Smart Elf who took advantage of my Knowledge seeking companion. We’d been in our share of battles with animals of all shapes and sizes but these filthy cats were by far one of the strangest encounters we’ve ever faced. Luckily we had recently joined up with this rag tag group of misfits half of whom (the military men) were always seeking to help anyone (and I do mean anyone, I never thought I’d see myself as a Dog Catcher) and the other half (the siblings) seemed completely out for themselves. As for Eric and myself, well we just happy to be with an adventuring group so willing to go out and see new places and seek new knowledge, at least we were seeking knowledge.
After the house cats and the subsequent wolverines at the contaminated spring we quickly headed back to town where we headed to a local shop with the lovely Camille and her brother to see about this lantern that they had found … inside an ant … I wish I was making this up. As insane as that sounds what happened next completely blew that out of the water. The man in the shop after gettings his lantern back decided it would be a great idea to open it, and although a great man was lost in this heated battle with a genie … hilarity ensued.


Russian accent demonic speaking raven! lol


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