Friends and Foes

1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue.... bees?

“Wow, Slinky, look at all these colors! Have you ever seen anything so bright?”

Brinke had never been to a carnival before and was unbelievably excited to be at one now. She was so glad that the rest of the group decided to go, too. She marveled how he was able to win at almost every game. It really didn’t surprise her, he seemed to master anything, including her. He was the only one who could understand her. When she went off on one of her rants, he seemed to understand what it was really all about and in just a few words, could calm her. The rest of the group just seemed to help piss her off more.

She seemed to be good at one game, Go Fish. Placing a ‘Lure’ charm on the hook of the fish pole, she was able to ‘lure’ 2 fish plushes, one red and one green. She was even able to sell the green one for 10 gold to Cyrus who has seemed to have developed a fetish for these plush fish. “Hmmm” She sighed, “to each his own, I guess.” She was debating on whether to change the red one to purple and try to sell that one to Cyrus for 15 gold when that familiar pressure below her stomach hit.

“Come on, Slinky. Gotta find an outhouse.” There were 3 outhouses on the carnival grounds. All but one had an outrageous line. The one didn’t even have ANY wait at all. It looked deserted. “Hmmm… I wonder why no one’s using that one. Oh well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, right Slinky. Besides, the only thing that people are afraid of in outhouses are snakes and if there is one, we got that covered.” Slinky’s tongue trills, a sign that she’s getting excited at the very thought of a possible battle with another snake. Slinky has been the undefeated East Louran Snake Champion for the past 3 years and with the competition date closing in fast. She welcomes any opportunity to practice.

The outhouse was normally small but seemed clean at least. Brinke quickly closed the door. By now the pressure was so intense that she thought she was going to explode. “Can you imagine if I pissed on myself?! He would NEVER even look at me after that.” Managing the many layers of her gown, she was finally able to let go and right there in mid stream, she heard it. A hollow buzz with a faint metal tink sound every few buzzes. She knew too well what exactly was making this noise…Crystal Bees. These horrid bees were pure black in color with a stinger on both ends. One sting and their venom will spread rapidly through their victims blood, crystallizing the blood along the way.

Brinke’s memory flashed back to vivid and horrific images of Trin, her only friend. Trin was an amazingly strong headed elf who taught Brinke that if weakness ever settled in her heart, she would die. Brinke admired Trin’s courage and grew strong because of Trin’s guidance. The damn dwarf had shoved Trin in a crate as punishment for coming back 2 days late from a hunting trip. That’s when Brinke heard the odd buzzing sound for the first time.

“I’ve added something extra to keep you company.” The dwarf laughed. Trin answered with a very pain streakened, “Nooooooooo!”

Brinke ran towards the crate. “You can join her if you’d like.” chuckled the dwarf before returning to the cottage. Brinke threw open the lid and found Trin with an expression of pure terror. Her veins turning a deep blue right under the skin, solidifying in seconds and then Brinke was looking at her cold empty eyes that stared into nothingness. One large black bee, stinger and all, was sticking out of Trin’s neck.

The buzz in the outhouse was slightly different… faster, sharper, louder. Brinke couldn’t see it, it was too dark in the tiny room. Quickly, Brinke casted ‘Prestidigitation’ to turn the bee florescent blue. Panic began to creep its way up her spine has she stared at not 1 but 3 large, blue crystal bees. Slinky automatically started striking at them. “Slinky! No! Stay away from the stingers! You can’t bite them, they have to be smashed!” Brinke threw ‘Ray of Frost’ at one. It became encased in a block of ice and crashed to the ground where Slinky threw her full weight on to it, smashing it to iced pieces. The second bee charged at Slinky. Slinky counterattacked and they met in mid air before falling through the outhouse hole into complete darkness.

“Slinky!!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!” Brinke concentrated and felt for the connection. The comforting connection she shared with Slinky was still there. She was still alive but for how long, Brinke didn’t know. A gust of wind slapped her arm as the third and final bee missed. She carefully noticed that this bee had black stripes where the other two did not. The Boss! “Come On! Bring it!” Brinke screamed.

The Boss charged, going for Brinke’s neck. Brinke dodged but the Boss was ready for it and dodged with her, barely grazing Brinke’s skin. After using the ‘Resistance’ spell on herself, Brinke charged, casting ‘Acid Splash’ on the Boss. The acid seemed to drip off him with little damage. The Boss charged, managing to get the tip of a stinger into Brinke’s shoulder. Horrified, Brinke saw a vein appear under her skin, deep blue in color. The pain was excruciating and she fought to keep her shoulder moving. The resistance spell started working immediately and Brinke watched as the deep blue vein turned purple before turning red and disappearing under her skin. Seizing the moment, the Boss attacked again. Brinke only had a split moment before she realized that he was there, not enough time to move out of the way. Brinke braced for the sting. There was a mucky splashing noise and a very brown and black Slinky flew out of the hole, wrapping her self around the Boss and squeezing tight. Brinke heard the ‘pop’ has the Boss’s body exploded.

Breathing hard, Brinke picked up Slinky. “Great! Now we smell like shit! Let’s go.”

Outside, Brinke spotted a barrel of water by the Go Fish game and started washing herself and Slinky off. Two women dressed with what looked like very expensive gowns looked at Brinke in disgust. “What?! Haven’t you ever seen a girl washing her snake before?”



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