Friends and Foes

Are You Kidding Me

Upon passing near the temple grounds, Jasper overheard a conversation between two of the clerics, “It’ll be great! Pelor will certainly smile when he sees the joy on the townsfolk’s faces!” Said one of them, “Indeed, the carnival will be just what is needed to get everyone’s mind off of it,” the other replied.
“A carnival?” Jasper thought to himself, “Sure the town needed a pick-me-up after the incidents of the previous week, but this seems almost disrespectful…at least…I feel my sacrifice is being portrayed as simply something that needs to be forgotten.”
Jasper thought of his sister and how she’d probably disdain the thought of a carnival during these dark times. He thought of the group…“Shit! they’re gonna drag us into this!”
2 days later, Jasper’s prediction came true; as the group, after being reunited with their fallen companion, were the first to line up for the festivities at the carnival.
Jasper decided he might as well take advantage of the situation and get good and drunk so at least the event was bearable. He bought what he thought would be enough tokens to drink himself to unconsciousness, only to realize that the tokens were for games, and not for booze…he drank anyways, but not before making sure to win the highest prize available; Gnomish Army Gloves.
“Camile!” She pretended not to hear him, “CAMILE!!!” Jasper yelled at his sister. When she turned around, he said with a clearly proud and smug look on his face, “I won.”



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