Friends and Foes


drink till you forget

The door to the small room swung open haphazardly. Two figures filled the doorway, the smaller of the 2 struggled to hold the other one up. With a feminine grunt she leaned the taller against the doorway.
“You ok? Hold onto the side.” She said with a hint of laughter in her voice. She turned and disappeared into the room.
The moonlight provided very little help with the darkness. Just enough to traverse the room to the night stand. The figure leaning against the door started to slide.
“Wher… where you go?” He slumped to the floor. He got a giggle in response.
“Over here.” A match burst into life in the darkness. Camile’s smiling face emerged. She guided the match slowly to the candle on the night stand. Holding it steady the candle’s wick ignited and light slowly started to fill the room. Satisfied, Camile shook the match out setting the charred remains of it next to the candle.
“You shure can hold ur ale.” Cyrus tried to pick himself up off the ground. Camile laughed to herself and went over to help. The room swayed slightly for her. A side effect of the wine she had consumed to wash away the days events. She guided Cyrus to his feet and they slowly made their way to the bed. Cyrus crashed onto the bed. The bed groaned in annoyance. He slowly kicked his boots off face first in the mattress. Camile dodging his flailing feet, picked them up and set them at the foot of the bed. She walked like she was on a ship, bracing herself against the bed post.
“I’m going to take off your sword belt ok?” She warned making her way back to Cyrus, “Don’t get any ideas,” She said with a smile.
“hmph rumph bumph” Cyrus responded muffled by the mattress.
Camile laughed, “What was that?” She fumbled at the buckle on his side and undid his belt. She pulled on the hilt and the belt slid from underneath Cyrus’s body without too much issue. He rolled onto his side.
“I wud nots dizrespect you so.” His eyes were shut. It helped him keep the world from spinning.
“You’re speaking in dwarven again Cyrus, and I can hardly understand you when your sober when you speak in that tongue. Here get the rest of you in bed.” She helped push him into bed. He rolled/crawled into a proper sleeping position, and opened his eyes in a squint. The room still spun but he focused on her face. The rest of the room was a kaleidoscope of activity but her face was centered.
“Make suhre the chameber pot s neeear the bed.” He managed to say between quiet belches.
Camile smiled and retrieved the pot, it was clean and free of use. She set it close to the bed and helped Cyrus with the covers.
“Thank you fr shwin me how 2 drnk.” Cyrus smiled.
“Me show you? I’m a lightweight, I would not of been able to out drink ”/campaigns/friends-and-foes/characters/daemon-stonehearth" class=“wiki-content-link”>Daemon like you did." She smiled bringing the blankets up to his chest.
“Daemon? Ha!” he laughed, “Hez a dwarf, but whn it comez to drnkin I got him beat.” he smiled proud of himself.
“Well either way thanks for inviting me…. and thank you” She paused, the events of the day rushed back into her previously blissful mind. “Thank you for today, I’m glad you were there.” She looked out the window trying to push it back into the depths of her mind. She felt a hand on her wrist and looked down to meet Cyrus’s eyes. She could sense a moment of clarity, a hint of pain.
“I wanted to find that little boys dog. I wanted to so….(he dry heaved) so bad.” She could see sobriety in his eyes and hear it in his voice. A moment of clarity and she could see him fill with pain.
“It wasn’t your fault,” She brushed the hair from his forehead, “It wasn’t” she repeated, to herself more this time. She could feel the tears trying to push their way out as she remember Jasper lying in her arms, she held them back for later.
“I had a hound once.” He spoke softly as if afraid to wake the tenants in the neighboring rooms. Camile could see the alcohol’s poison returning to effect.
“You had a dog? What was his name?” she tried to smile,
“No… a hound…. a har… harbon…” Sleep started to creep over Cyrus as he tried to finish his story. He slipped closer to a drunken sweet sleep. His eye closed and his breathing softened to a steady rhythm. He slept. Camile sat at the edge of the bed for a while thinking of the day. She felt a tear run down her cheek and was about to wipe it when she noticed something. Cyrus was passed out but he held her hand in his. She wiped her cheek with her free hand and then covered both their hands. She patted it gently and slid from his grasp. She blew out the candle and crossed the room. It was no longer swaying, the alcohol’s bite could not fend off Jasper’s sting. She walked out the door and slowly closed the door.
“Bones….” she thought she heard him say between breaths. She waited with the door slightly cracked. She heard him rustling and the sound of the chamber pot being picked up. She closed the door and left him to his night, and the horrible morning that was sure to follow. She collected her self and walked back to her room.



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