Friends and Foes

A Tough Decision

“A paladin…why’d we have to take a paladin? If there’s any kind of person who could mess this up for us, it’s a paladin.” Jasper complained to his sister.
“It’s alright, he’ll make us less conspicuous,” Camile said in her usual calm, smooth voice. “Besides,” she continued, “another meat shield can’t hurt. Can it?”
Jasper sighed, “I hope not…by the way, you see that orc?” Camile nodded.
“Lookie!” Jasper handed his sister the very well crafted handaxe he lifted off the barbarian.

That evening…

“Is…is the paladin…drunk?!” The utterly confused look on Jasper’s face took Camile by suprise.
“Yes, brother. I believe he is,” she replied in a smug tone.
“Dammit…you win…” Jasper hands his sister a gold coin.

The following morning…

“Arrgh! My head,” the paladin laid his face in his hands in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pain.
“A little sore there buddy?” Jasper arrogantly patted the paladin on the back, making him cringe with each tap.
The paladin sighed heavily, “Yeah…”
“Don’t worry! It gets easier each time!” Jasper pat him a little harder one last time and walked off to his sister. “Classic…” he laughed quietly.

That evening…

“NO! I won’t allow stealing!” The paladin was resolute in his position on the proposed plan.
“Dammit…I knew it…” Jasper mumbled to himself.
“It’s alright! We’ll tell Brannigan, we’ll have the law on our side! You don’t even have to come!” Damon protested.

“Some meat shield…” Jasper said to his sister, “what good’s a shield that stays out of the action?”
“I…um…I don’t know…” Camile handed the coin back to her brother. “You win, for now, but that coin’s gonna be mine. Anyone can be used if you have the right tools.” Jasper gagged and looked away as she adjusted her upper lady parts.



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