Friends and Foes

A Message Not Soon Forgotten

The ferocity of the battle was obvious. Bodies scattered, weapons clashing, people screaming, all hell had broken loose, and here Jasper was, “…once again, god dammit.” His expertise in combat was apparent as he nimbly maneuvered his way behind the large blue humanoid. Jasper’s location was precisely where he would be able to strike a finishing blow, but he was wreckless…
“Beautiful day!”

Jasper looked around for the location of the voice, utterly confused by his new surroundings. He finally spotted an elderly man in radiant white robes sitting on a stone along the side of the road; the road which he was now standing on.

The old man gave a smirk at the suspecting look on Jasper’s face.

“Always, priceless,” the man laughed for a moment then stared deeply and directly into Jasper’s eyes and said, “Welcome…to HELL!!!”

Jasper gasped as flames leapt up all around, replacing the beautiful scenery that preceded it.

“What the…!” Jasper yelled, “Who are you! Where am I!?”

The old man sputtered as he glared at Jasper, “You’re…pfftt…” the old man broke out in a fit of laughter and the scenery changed once more. They were now in a great, white hall. Massive and beautiful marble pillars rose around them. The floors were also immaculate and of the same masonry.

After somewhat regaining his composure, the old man said through tears and chuckles, “I’m just fuckin’ with ya! I’m a messenger of Pelor.” He looked Jasper up and down while whiping his tears.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Jasper tried to speak.

“Uh…” Jasper couldn’t think of what to say. He was confused beyond words.

“Spoken like a true orator!” Said the messenger.

Jasper took a moment to compose himself, though he was still lost.

“What the fuck is going on!?” he finally exclaimed.

“Look,” said the old messenger, seemingly annoyed, “you’re dead, but the church wants to bring you back. Now the guy upstairs wouldn’t normally even approve of someone like you entering the church grounds, but he loves his followers more than anything. So, we’re gonna let you return!” The messenger held his arms out as though he had just delivered a message of great importance to an awaiting crowd.

“Um…thanks?” The same blank look still occupied Jasper’s face as he replied.

“Don’t thank me just yet!” The old man wagged his finger at Jasper, “We’ve also got a requirement of you. We’re gonna show you the light, and you’re gonna follow it, whether you like it or not! Though…you do have a choice…a few…well a great deal many, but only if you accept our terms! We let you return to life and we get to show you the light, or you can stay here with me and I can show you what real eternal flames feel like.”

Jasper swallowed hard…“not much of a choice, eh?”

“It’s still a choice…I have to tell you though, you’d really like the flames, they burn!” the old man replied.

Before Jasper could answer the room started to fade into pure white, brighter than he had ever seen.

“Okay,” Jasper finally said.
Jasper heaved and coughed as his lungs filled with air for the first time in over three days. The clergy around him quickly rushed to his aid insisting that he stay in the bed where he was laid.

“You mustn’t move, you’ll need at least a couple of hours before you’re fit to even walk! Your companions are expected back anytime, you can leave when they arrive.” The nearest Pelor cleric stated firmly.

Jasper struggled for another few moments until the exhaustion overcame him. As he passed into unconsciousness he sighed “Fucking…Pelor…”


As Pelor would have wanted it!

A Message Not Soon Forgotten

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